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Published on January 13th, 2014 | by PEM


Year after shooting, victim joins Master P, Chris 2X in anti-violence campaign

“It’s a slow, depressing and sometime lonely process. You have to try not to be a victim, have the mindset of being a victim,” said Sheronda Morris.

Morris wasn’t expected to walk again.

Morris was at a Louisville club when a couple of acquaintances got into an argument with others.

She stepped in to try and keep the peace, never knowing her decision would almost cost her her life.

“Early prognosis was, because of the kind of bullet that hit her, penetrated her body and did damage that it did, she probably didn’t have a good chance of walking again,” community activist Christopher 2X said.

“Being shot (is an) unthinkable thing. It’s terrible. Don’t think you’ll get shot and wake up. First thing you think of is automatic death,” Morris said.

Morris recovered with help from the community, her family and a movement centered around peace-keeping, which ultimately led to a bond between her and Master P. He encouraged Morris to speak on her anniversary.

“We’ve all lost someone. It’s either the one behind the gun or the one in front of the gun,” Morris said.

Morris said she’ll be delivering her story and the message, “Stop the violence, let the kids grow” throughout 2014.

According to Louisville Metro Police statistics, 197 people were hit in Metro Louisville with gunfire in 2013. Of those, 48 people died.

“Long as we come together and get active as a community we have to, that’s the only way to survive this thing and take our neighborhoods back,” she said.

With help from the Awareness Movement, Morris will spearhead the relationship with Master P and the community to reach both gunshot survivors and victims to come together.

Events in 2014 will aim at drawing together children and adults alike to create a synergy of hope and make sure survivors can get help to the ongoing care that they need after a tragedy.

“It’s still the untold story of people getting hit and how that particular attack totally changes their lives, for the rest of their lives,” 2X said.

Morris and Master P want to give adults a chance to change the atmosphere for children.

“Has to be the engagement of grownups looking at children in the eye and understanding a better day with them,” 2X said.

Events for the upcoming year are in the process of being scheduled, but Morris and 2X said they will be family friendly events.


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