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Published on December 9th, 2014 | by PEM


Angry 49ers Fans Burn Colin Kaepernick Jerseys After Loss Against RAIDERS!

Colin Kaepernick helped lead the 49ers to three straight NFC Championship Games, including the Super Bowl two seasons ago, but this year has not followed that script and the team could be on the outside looking in for the playoffs this year after a stunning loss to the dismal Oakland Raiders on Sunday.
Kaepernick has his second straight game with two interceptions and less than 200 yards passing as the team lost for the second week in a row to fall to 7-6 on the year and that prompted some 49ers fans to break out the lighter fluid and matches to set their own Kaepernick jerseys aflame.
Because there’s no better way to express displeasure with a player on the team you choose to root for than burning your own property that you spend money on.
I have never understood the point of burning your own property because an athlete is not performing up to your standards. You paid for the jersey with your own money that you worked so hard to get, so you’re going to burn this to prove a point or as a protest?
What does this accomplish other than you having to clean up the ashes of something you once wanted and needed to have so badly that you spend upwards of $100 on a jersey?
Does it make you feel better about yourself?
Do you think Kaepernick is going to see this and suddenly start playing better because some idiot burned a jersey?
Do you think Jim Harbaugh is going to think to himself that he should bench his quarterback because a couple of knuckleheads have nothing better to do?
Wait, I have my answer, they’re not thinking.

That was fast! Colin Kaepernick went from being one of the most popular San Francisco sports figures to now having his jerseys burned by angry fans who are disappointed in the team’s season.

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