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Published on December 18th, 2015 | by PEM


(Video) NBA: LMAOO Check Out LeBron James’ Response When Asked About Under Armour

LeBron James just inked a lifetime deal with Nike that will be worth more any sneaker deal ever doled out by the company or any other company for that matter (over $500 million). The Cleveland Cavaliers star was asked about Under Armour following their game against the Celtics and his response? Who?!

“Under Armour recently released a…” the reporter began.

“Who?” James asked. “Who?”

“Under Armour,” the reporter responded.

“Who’s that?” James asked. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Who? The other guys? Yeah. I don’t know what Under Armour is … I only know Nike. That’s it. Lifetime.”

Yea if Nike was giving me over $500 million I wouldn’t acknowledge any other company either. The rest would no longer exist to me…

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