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(Video) Kanye West Took Tyga’s Album To A Dark Place?

Kanye West Took Tyga’s Album To A Dark Place? Yes I’m afraid so.The “Dark Twisted Fantasy” artists has been busy producing a lot of albums Tyga,Rihanna and Bieber to name a few. Find out what Tyga says about Kanye’s touch on the album after the jump.

Kanye West Took Tyga’s Album To A Dark Place? I guess Kanye boasting about his creativity and artistry has really affected his peers. Tyga admits that Kanye saw things in the music that he was unaware of.He believes fans are going to be happy with the end product.He also talks about his comment “fame is the devil.” He reveals that before fame he had no concept of gossip, now it is at the forefront of his thoughts. Especially with him always having to address or explain his relationship with 17 year old Kylie Jenner and his baby mother Blac Chyna. He acknowledged that media is powerful… Perhaps stronger than he anticipated.

“[Kanye] executive produced the album. Just having his vision took it to a dark place. He heard things in the music that I didn’t hear or wasn’t looking for,” said Tyga. “It’s going to show people the potential and get to the roots when I started doing music, the feeling I wanted to create when I first started.”

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