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Published on May 5th, 2016 | by PEM


(Video) Joe Budden Gives His Opinion On Drake’s ‘Views’ Album

Joe Budden has give us a taste of what I would call the unspoken truth. With Drake’s ‘Views’ just being debuted a lot of people are giving their opinion as to whether or not they are feeling it. Budden says he is a fan of Drake but he does think that Drake has progressed. He says 40 on the other hand sounds ‘Amazing.’

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In a series of videos, Budden says he misses the Drake that created the wave not hop on other waves. I can says Budden is wrong. Listening to ‘Views’ I did not feel that Drake bought something different to the table with this one.

He says,

Tomorrow I will explain…. I love Drake, I’m a fan…. I just look deeper… Tomorrow we’ll look deeper… Drake/Kendrick/Cole are imperative to the Mission.

Check out what Budden had to say below.

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