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1. Get ready to be amazed at some of the most unique women that have ever lived…many holding world records for their individuality
2.The conjoined sisters actually have many of their own organs, only sharing the lower half of their body.
3. Worlds largest legs. Since birth her legs have not stopped growing and are now around 3 times normal size.
4. The worlds most tattooed woman. All her tattoos have come from the same artist and have cost an estimated $80,000.
5. Worlds fattest woman at 780lbs
6. Worlds largest hips with a circumference of eight feet!
7. Longest hair in the world at nineteen and a half feet long. Just think of the hair cut savings!
8. Worlds largest boobs at 32Z or 32XXX. She had 10 liters of saline solution surgically pumped into her breasts, to go from a 32A to her current size!
9. Born in 1888, Grace had Sturge-Weber syndrome causing a large growth on her face.
10. he ultra thin Valeria Lukyanova was born with thin long limbs and huge blue eyes just like a barbie doll.

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