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Published on December 26th, 2016 | by PEM


The hip hop cannabis movement

Hip hop branding maybe entering into a different sector :
Legal recreational cannabis

The days when brands like sean john and rockawear were making a splash in retail maybe long gone , but a new Age of branding has emerged , in the strangest of all places , legal recreational marijuana .

Keen investors in this lucrative business are getting a head start on the marketplace by teaming up with urban rap icons and legends that resonate with the green plant.

The new age of premium cannabis brands have reaped the likes of “Master P’s Trees and liquid gold ” as well as “leafs by snoop” , both spearheading the legal cannabis movement while the industry swings into High gear.

“The hip hop inspired culture has proven to be very loyal to cannabis ” explains Jeff Roth , senior branding executive of Gold Leaf Inc. ” The numbers don’t lie” “our company has been devoted to the research of customer demographics in the cannabis industry, and the revelations are astounding” “as
far as we’re concerned , the hip hop culture and cannabis are one “
All of this information points in the direction of an eventual brand unity with the hip hop culture , through strategic partnerships with influential and iconoclastic entertainers with their roots deep in hip hop.

If expert predictions and their premonitions prove to be correct , we can hear about more voices of Hip hop contributing to the business of legal recreational cannabis. The Los Angeles based , private investing group didn’t go too far into their findings, however they indicated that the hip hop
culture was the most underserved in the current cannabis marketplace.
“This movement is lead by some of the biggest names in hip hop, and they have been devoted to researching the cannabis consumer and forming alliances with companies with their hands on multi fascists of the business” “marketing is the key ” continues Roth. The research clearly shows that hip hop has
become synonymous and integral to the cannabis culture.
“The wave of investors entering the cannabis arena is unprecedented , and they need to know who is actually buying the product ” said Charles Kim, senior branding manager at Gold Leaf, “the cannabis sector is looking to gain competitive advantages and niches in the marketplace; and celebrity brand
relationships have become key differentiators in this emerging cannabis market sector”
As it turns out, the cannabis industry and the hip hop generation have definitely found a common ground in marijuana and with urban legends and icons like master P and snoop dog already pioneering the movement , the sky seams to be the limit in reaching the hip hop generation. It’s now become a
priority for investors and key players in the cannabis industry to team up with influential hip hop icons. Not surprisingly, the freedom associated with the new prohibition , has also brought a surging demand for cannabis brands that the hip hop culture can identify with. This momentum, and cross
marketing of cultures and mediums will undoubtedly ramp sales in the tidal wave called ” the hip hop cannabis movement.”

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