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The Emperor may be dead. The Empire gone. But the Dark Side is still in fine feather.

Some 30 years after Episode VI, it’s using the form of the First Order, an Empire wannabe with a darker, vaguely more cultish sheen. While not yet the galactic power that Emperor Palpatine’s old outfit was, this regime has dreams, man. Instead of constructing all those flimsy Death Stars, it’s decided to retrofit a whole planet into the most fearsome of weapons. It can still build and fly TIE fighters and massive destroyers as well as anyone, of course. And while it doesn’t have Darth Vader to choke wayward generals anymore, it does have a guy named Kylo Ren—a young, passionate Sith acolyte who thinks Vader walked on water. (Or boiled it, or whatever the Dark Side thinks is the most appropriate use for water.)

But there are plenty of folks who’d rather not see the First Order sweep through the galaxy like the Empire’s second coming. A resurgent Republic is none too pleased with the Order’s incursions. The Resistance is actively pushing back. And, indeed, the Order is terrified that Luke Skywalker—who disappeared ages ago—could return and teach a new collection of Jedi the fine art of Forceful opposition.

On Jakku, a backwater planet now only valued as an orbiting salvage yard, both the Resistance and the Order hear rumors of a map that might lead to Luke. Dashing Resistance pilot Poe Dameron gets to that treasure first, but just barely. Ren and his assorted Stormtroopers are hard on his heels, and Poe only has time to pack the info away in the bowels of his trusty droid, BB-8, before he’s captured. The droid rolls into the desert with his precious cargo, hoping he might come upon a little help before Ren finds him and has him scrapped for parts.

Meanwhile, Ren, showing just how much he aspires to be like Darth, decides to slaughter everyone in the village. Why? Well, the Dark Side is just like that.

But one helmeted Stormtrooper, aiming his blaster at the innocent men and women in front of him, can’t quite seem to pull the trigger.

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