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Published on December 17th, 2014 | by ASP


Sony Hack Reveals James Bond Budget


Recent Sony hacs have brought emails to light that have reveal the budget crisis for the new James Bond Film.

The Sony Hacks have been causing problems around Hollywood for the past week, First Angelina Jolie was trumped after a private email from a producer said Jolie was a “Talent less Spoiled brat”. Now bringing more emails to the public about the rising budget issues associated with the new James film. Producers boast the new James Bond film will be the most expensive yet with an impressive price tag breaching the $300 million mark. Although this seems like Studio can handle it there have been reports of cutting back from the film. Specifically the studio plans on cutting the use of multiple train cars in a specific scene, switching scenes to be filmed in mexico and cutting out scenes involving rain. All of said changes could see an estimated savings north of $6 million. Furhter investigation on the hacking brought questions as to to who could be responsible for such an unyielding hack job. reports claim some think North Korea has been behind the hacks but the North Korean Government have denied all such involvement. The budget is causing many problems but the film itself is set up to be one of the best James Bond films ever.

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