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Published on October 23rd, 2015 | by PEM


So There Is THIS Guy Claiming To Be Tracy Morgan’s Child

Listen, I love Kendrick Lamar, but I don’t walk around telling folks that he’s my brother (only when I’ve been drinking). But no, there’s this guy, named Lou Morgan on Facebook, who seems to believe, or at least telling folks, that comedian Tracy Morgan is his father.

On Saturday evening, while the real T. MORGAN was making his return to SNL, Lou was in New York City’s Haus Nightclub living it up; I mean, drinking $50,000 worth of alcohol and everything, according to Page Six. However, he put the glass down long enough to request that the DJ send a “shout out to his dad, Tracy Morgan, for his recovery and the return of him hosting.”

Not only does Lou’s Facebook page have a photo of Tracy with the caption, “Happy Father’s Day to the world’s coolest dad,” but there are other indications of extreme delusions. The kid has another photo of of himself with ‘30 Rock‘ shaved into his head. Again, I love Being Mary Jane, How To Get Away With Murder, and Empire, but these are not some things that I would want my stylist to incorporate into my hair. Poor fellow.

Check out the gallery for more of Morgan’s Lou’s shenanigans.

According to a representative of the comedian’s, “Tracy does not have a son named Lou. It is just someone making stuff up. No one on our side knows this guy.”

I’m sure Morgan is honored … or freaked out … but this is weird, to say the least.

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