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Published on September 24th, 2014 | by PEM


Snoop say’s Master P showed Him the business side of rap and the Industry how to get real money

In an open coversation with G-Unit and 50 Cent on GGN News Snoop Dogg
talked about how when he was with No Limit Records Master P took care of
him when he left Death Row. He started off by saying when he first left
Death Row he was limbo because the south really didn’t like him but Master
P opened his arms and taught him the business side of the industry. Snoop
said “I knew the creative side, but Master P taught me the Business side
because If it wasn’t for No Limit there wouldn’t be no money in hip hop
till Master P came around. Death Row Records made more money than every
record company in the industry at their prime but, Suge Knight the CEO of
Death Row Records made all the money and he would only give the artists a
little bit but when Master P came out every one on, I mean everyone on No
Limit Records had Money, Cars, Houses, and Jewelry.If was for Master P nobody

industry would be getting money right now.


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