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Published on April 18th, 2015 | by PEM


(Photos) NBA: Are The Clippers About To Change Their Uniform To These Hideous Samples?

The Los Angeles Clippers have had the same uniform setup for a long time now. Most NBA fans like their jerseys with the red, white and blue combos and when Jersey’s were in style as far as fashion, the Clippers was easily one of the more popular ones. There is nothing wrong with wanting to change things up a bit, but the new rumored Clippers jerseys are downright hideous and NOBODY has said anything positive yet.


The graphics are clearly Photoshopped, which made Paul Lukas of UniWatch skeptical of the first source, but a more reliable second source confirmed that the images are the ones that he saw as well. “This doesn’t necessarily mean that the Clippers are definitely going with the entire graphics package that was shown to me by Source One,” writes Lukas, “but it probably means that they’re going with something pretty close to it.”

The jerseys could wind up being used for summer league or who knows, maybe not at all. Hopefully all the negative feedback makes them reconsider any decisions. Check the gallery!

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