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Published on January 26th, 2015 | by PEM


NFL: After Fining Marshawn Lynch $20K, NFL Tried Selling the Crotch Grab Photos for $150

The NFL never ceases to amaze me. After all it is a business and sometimes we forget that; a shady business, but a business nonetheless. Marshawn Lynch has been fined twice for his now infamous crotch grab including a $20,000 fine after grabbing his crotch following a touchdown in the NFC Championship game. The league also made an announcement warning Lynch that if he makes an obscene gesture after scoring a touchdown or at any other time during Super Bowl XLIX, the team will be penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. So clearly the league is taking a stance on this issue right? Well as if the fines weren’t profit enough, later they attempted to sell pictures of the so called “obscene gesture”.

Shay Marie
As’s Mike Sando discovered, Lynch’s crotch grab is apart of the Seahawks 2014 NFC Championship Collage. The full collage also features less controversial pictures that highlight Seattle’s second-straight trip to the Super Bowl.
After the story became more popular including retweets by Lynch himself, the NFL took the collage and photo out of the pro shop.
*photos in gallery above*
Sidenote: Lynch also has been put on notice about avoiding the media this week.
An NFL official told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter that the league is considering fining Lynch “significantly more” than the $50,000 it has fined him in each of the past two seasons for not speaking to the media, something Lynch again declined to do after Sunday’s NFC title game.

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