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Published on November 26th, 2014 | by PEM


Over 200 Arrests in LA on Second Day of Demonstrations including children

Los Angeles has one of the busiest traffic in all of the nation with tempers running high and emotions running even higher. The protestors took this into consideration and protested on two of the main freeways in Southern California shutting down the 101 as well as the 110 fwy. It is our constitutional right to protest and many of the supports were cooperative while still voicing their opinions. In order for there to be change there needs to be unity, even though it will not change the outcome of the verdict in the case of Mike Brown, if the public voices their concerns it will eventually be heard. I am reminded of Late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Speech which impacted so many peoples lives and still is remembered as one of the most memorable and change sake speaches given in American History. America needs to open their eyes and not view this as a race issue but as a situation where we empower people to take the lives of others with our government and our judicial system backing them up. Until we take away the blinders off our tunnel vision we will not be able to see the disregard the law has towards human life.

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