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Published on December 8th, 2015 | by PEM


No Limit Head A&R Blasts Local Pittsburgh Artist For Being Ungrateful

“Artists should use their talents, not gimmicks…”

No Limit Head A&R, Mr Ross says,“First of all, Junne never signed a
contract with No Limit. He never made a hit record nor made any money for
the company. So No Limit or Master P doesn’t owe him anything. A lot of
these local artists are in search for deals and when things don’t go right,
burn bridges or use gimmicks on social media for attention. They really are
just exposing themselves, showing they lack character and loyalty. They
close the doors on themselves for other opportunities because no successful
business man wants to deal with ignorance. It’s sad that the young dude
had to make up some petty stories for attention. This isn’t even news, he
was never officially a No Limit artist. We have a lot more important
business endeavors to deal with. No Limit studios is where we make music,
some artists like to work all night and we have sleeping quarters and
but we’re not housing any artists. It’s not our responsibility to house
artists, the ones that choose to stay to work on their music, it’s open to
them, the same opportunity LeBron James would have to work out at the gym
all day if he chose to. Artists are responsible for their own living
situations. The first problem immature artists have, that are not realistic
nor serious about their music careers, is they’re looking for Master P to
buy them clothes, feed them and take care of them before making any money
or a hit record yet. Master P doesn’t charge artists for studio time nor
does ne do chargebacks for finances he has given the artists like other
record labels normally do. They forget that Master P came from the projects
and had to work hard to make his own money. And Master P’s motto with all
the new artists around him is that if they make a dollar, they will split it
50/50, unlike the 360 deals that are out here now. Master P only offers his
artists partnerships. So burning up a Master P contract would probably be
the worst thing for an artist to do because you will never see a good deal
like that with any record label signing new artists with no history, no
social media following, and no records on the radio. The only way a deal
like this will not work for you is if you don’t really want to invest your
time into building your career, you just want something for nothing. The
little talent young dude has will be overshadowed by the negative karma that
will follow him for burning bridges with someone who only offered him an
opportunity that he didn’t have. I mean that was the reason he flew from
another state to attempt to be with No Limit and throw No Limit parties in
his hometown. What would Master P gain from making records with an unknown
artists with no hit records after Master P already sold more that 75
million records and put out over ten mixtapes in this year alone. This is
definitely not news, this is petty but we wish him the best.”

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