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Published on August 7th, 2015 | by PEM


Nikki Lee Makara (Fellas Check her out)

An hour into scrolling and searching through my instagram, I realize I saw her just the other day on someone’s page I follow. Nikki Lee Makara, definitely not like this – rarely do I find myself casually sitting in Hooters with incredibly big breast, delightfully tacky yet unrefined women taking my order while galloping around in cocaine white socks that cover stockings two shades darker than their skin color, both of which are shoved inside dingy white sneakers with high cut orange shorts that bare tan glutes, mesmerized by a fine ass white girl who looks like she can do incredibly talented thrusts behind closed doors. All I could say quietly to myself was “Who in the f**k is this?” obviously she had to be a model or a fitness model because every part of her body is toned and tanned perfectly.

This model is different. For real, for real I knew immediately that @makaralee is going to be one of the next big known names in urban modeling. I soon found myself leaving a message in her dm asking her to allow me to feature her in PLUGGED ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE.

Nikki Lee is definitely easy on the eyes of anyone who lays them on her. She radiates confidence and oozes out a tremendous amount of sensuality in every picture she is seen in. Look and see for yourself while learning much more about this jaw dropping beauty.

1.) What are your favorite things to do? Playing with my dogs, dancing, working out, laying out at the beach, traveling and modeling!

2.) Whats your favorite food? I eat healthy 99% of the time but I do love a good pizza!

3.) Whats your favorite color? Pink or Green

4.) What is your favorite type of music? 80’s & 90’s rap and hip hop!!

5.) What are the qualities you value in a man? A well groomed man, who is confident, hard working, honest, funny and muscular is hard to resist!

6.) What inspires you? I am inspired by those who have achieved success in whatever they pursue.

7.) Where did u grow up? Did you enjoy living there? I grew up in North Eastern PA. I had a great childhood and grew up loving the outdoors. I moved to So Cal 7 years ago and while PA is where I was raised CA is my home.

8.) What are you most proud of? For inspiring my family and friends to

9.) What is your hottest body part? My booty. No implants here just lots and lots and lots of squats!!!

10.) What do you want in a man? A well groomed man who is confident, successful, honest, funny, respected by his peers and while we are at it throw in a 6 pack and well endowed!

11.) Obama or George Bush? Why? Obama. George Bush foreign policy was a disaster and he raised our deficit by $4.9 trillion

12.) Have you ever had a one night stand? I plead the 5th! hahahaha

13.) If so how did it happen? Once again I plead the 5th! Lmao

14.) What is your favorite song? No favorite song I just love old school rap and hip hop!!

15.) Do you have any pet peeves? Guys at the gym who are too lazy to put their dam weights away. Same for those who don’t put away their shopping cart at the grocery store. The height of laziness!

16.) Do you have any body piercings? Ears, used to have more but had them taken out.

17.) Any obsessions? Shoes and lingerie!! As far as I am concerned a pair dope high heels and a g string is an acceptable outfit!!

18.) If I may ask, what are some things that you want out of your career, education, relationships with anyone? I want to travel the world, invest my money I make wisely so I can better take care of my friends and family and of course have more than enough left over to indulge my obsession for shoes and lingerie! hahaha

Images provided by 28 Cameras Photography

Rainbow bikini is compliments of Swimxotic Swimwear.

Written by J-Tweezy

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