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NBA: Report, Lebron James Will Opt Out Of Contract With Cavs Just To See What They Do

The contract situations of Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert and to a certain degree Brendan Haywood are expected to be resolved before the Cleveland Cavaliers re-sign the world’s most dominant player.

James will take a wait-and-see approach while the Cavaliers tend to their housekeeping matters, league sources told Northeast Ohio Media Group.

The four-time MVP has a player option deadline of Monday, and he will decline to pick up that deal for next season.

The belief is James wants to observe how management goes about retaining and accumulating assets keep the organization in win-now mode and improve the roster.

The chance of James bolting the city of Cleveland for a second time is slim, but his approach will allow him to assess the Cavaliers’ moves before re-signing. It also applies pressure on the organization to do whatever is necessary to strengthen the team.

For James and his agent, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports Group, it’s a forward-thinking business tactic. There’s no telling how many prime years James has left, and the impression is that he wants to ensure he’s surrounded by a championship-caliber cast.

It’s actually a pretty smart way of going about things. We know he likely would never walk away from the Cavs again but by him opting out it puts pressure on the Cavs to make sure they keep Bron happy so he will re-sign.

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