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Published on February 5th, 2014 | by PEM

MASTER P: Super Proudcer Roi Anthony Returns With R&B Smash “Dealbreaker”

R&B/SOUL is strong & more alive than ever!! The ARTIST/ WRITER/ PRODUCER
known to the world as Roi “CHIP” Anthony is definitely in the pursuit of
adding more soul to the genre!! With recent success from headliners such
as Beyonc√©, Robin Thicke & R.Kelly, it’s a mere fact that their R&B sounds
have been the top charting releases from their latest & highly successful
projects!! Attracting such a wide demographic audience between these three
artists proves that R&B is and will always attract the hearts from people
of many different age groups!! With the forthcoming project entitled *”THE
CHIP ALBUM”*, Roi Anthony focuses on grabbing the attention of those same
music lovers of all ages with the first single & relationship topic
entitled; *”DEALBREAKER”*. The highly social media trendy topic has caused
an outburst of many people expressing their own relationship
*Dealbreakers *online.
It has been alarming and entertaining to witness thousands share their
views leading up to the release. With the recent global success of his *”LE’JIT
– NEW BEGINNING” *project, Roi Anthony returns solo with a banger
continuing the R&B/Soul movement.

He quotes, *”As an Artist, Writer and a Producer for many other artists, I
am sooo ready to showcase every inch of my talents and professionalism
globally once again; so stay tuned for more true soul!!!”*

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