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Published on June 4th, 2014 | by PEM


Master P Says “I Never Knew Mannie Fresh Was A Comedian”

Master P states, “I’ve seen his stand up comedy show at the BMI Event online, I wish I could have been there. I’ll just have to start showing up at some of these industry events. I know my success makes a lot of people jealous, envious and even angry. But I’ve always been happy to acknowledge the next man’s success. I’ve always kept it 100. I’m a real street dude that got a chance to see something better in life. But I’m disappointed at Mannie. I’ve never done any business with him. I really don’t understand why he would be so bitter, I only met him once or twice and he is not a street guy and I know he ain’t built like that. I know real street killers in the projects that wouldn’t say some of the things he said. Little dude need to slow his roll. You’re trying to get five minutes of fame on the wrong one. If it’s drugs or alcohol that’s making you do this, you might want to leave that alone. And you can’t say that you didn’t say this, the video is out there in social media. Everyone knows that I’ve changed my life, but if I ever bump into Mannie Fresh, there’s some questions that need to be answered.”

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