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Master P has created Streemz, a new social media, rebel channel technology connecting celebrities and fans.

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November 24, 2015 Master P announces the launch of his new rebel technology company, Streemz. Today most of the ad revenues on all social media is based on eyeballs and clicks that are a result of celebrities bringing their fans to these sites. To this point these sites are making billions but the celebrities aren’t. Master P is now offering celebrities a new technology that aggregates all their social content in one channel and gives them their fair share of the ad revenues currently enjoyed by all the big sites.

Businessman, technology guru Percy Miller is now sharing with the world a new celebrity channel where fans are connected 24/7 to their favs. Now advertisers are able to speak to a specific celebrity and their fans and create more exciting and real time online campaigns.

Master P says “If you’re starting a revolution, it’s best to start at the cash register. My focus is growing the pie so that everyone benefits. There are several thousand celebrities worldwide that all deserve their fair share. I createdStreemz to spread the wealth.”

Master P has already lined up several top celebrities, musicians, actors and athletes to launch in the next 60 days. He believes it’s a revolution whose time has come.

Streemz is a new technology platform that broadcasts any media or content to all its users in near real time format.  It’s not a website technology. It’s a channel of possibilities, especially, with the marketing expertise of Annette McFarland, and Mike Felder at the helm of Streemz Sports.

Master P has sold over 75 million records independently and took over the music industry. With his team of social media technology experts, he has shaken up the game again showing his peers a new blueprint on how to get their piece of the pie in ad revenues. Visit your favorite at www.Streemz.tv

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