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Published on October 22nd, 2015 | by PEM


Master P Dissects “Tru 2 Da Game

In this incredibly open conversation, Master P details creating “Tru 2 Da Game,” his early relationship with Cash Money and explains why he was cut from the Charlotte Hornets.

One of the most inspiring moments of this conversation occurs when Master P reminisces about the time he was offered a $1 million dollar deal from Jimmy Iovine. As the No Limit General recalls, he’d already garnered independent success. TheIce Cream Man album was in the holster ready to redefine. P was testing the waters.

“I turned it down,” he tells HipHopDX in this exclusive interview at #DXHQ. “I Jumped back on the plane. I only had $500 in my pocket. Me and C-Murder about to fight because I’m turning down a million dollars, but I feel like I was making history. I knew I was worth more than that. If this guy’s gonna give me a million dollars, I gotta be worth $40 million or $50 million. That’s how I felt. But then I knew I had to go home and work hard. They told me, ‘You ain’t gonna get no deal in [Los Angeles] if it ain’t with us.’ They had Suge Knight. They had Puff Daddy at that time. They had everything. I just felt like I had to do it on my own.”

The implications of that decision truly opened the meaning of music entrepreneurship. Master P eventually inked a pioneering distribution deal with Priority Records which unleashed No Limit’s brand of rawkus street anthems onto the planet. But the 75 million records moved by The Tank pale in comparison to the unspoken influence Percy Miller’s ad libs and business acumen still hold on Hip Hop. Had he ended up a statistic; had he been gunned-down in that hallway during his senior year of high school or had that other gun not jammed twice while he was riding for his homie… well… who knows. Master P describes both scenarios is vivid detail below, as well as the reason he was cut from the Charlotte Hornets. He also recalls a number of the artists who reached out with interest in signing to No Limit.

“Anybody you can think of called me for advice or thinking ‘What can I do to get with No Limit,’ P says. “From Eminem, to T.I. to anybody you could think of, we done had that conversation where they wanted to be with No Limit. It was sad, but [2Pac] was thinking ‘What could I do?’ Same thing with Snoop Dogg. People started checking for us because they knew we was making money. They know we was printing money. They making money now. We was printing money. Everybody reached out. Nas came. Everybody reached out. I did a song with Nas back then with me and Mac. I thought that was a beautiful record but Mac went to prison and we never got a chance to do a video. I might remake that song.”

Mac’s controversial murder conviction is tackled within, along with Soulja Slim, and of course C-Murder. But the trials linger less-long than the triumphs, the inspiration, the reconciliation, the hilarity. P details his anger when a prepubescent Lil Romeo ran a car through Kentucky Fried Chicken, his pride for Ghetto D, his advice for independent artists, his faith in God. Percy Miller as rarely seen.

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