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Published on April 28th, 2016 | by PEM


Master P Celebrates birthday with 24k Gold and Diamond edible cake

📷 | photo by @AJColores 📹 |

Master P born April 29th 1970 didn’t think he would live to,see 19yrs old and with a change of life. making it out of the Calliope Project of New Orleans.
Turning into one of the greatest music business moguls and entrepreneur and entertainer. 2016 has been a celebration of life for the Ice Cream Man with a new Bio Pic “King Of The South” Movie going to theater. Also celebrating 20 years of the Platinum Ice Cream Man Album” it has been a well deserved journey for the colonel coming from the projects to Hollywood.

The Ice Cream Man says he couldn’t have done it on his own this birthday is not about material things it is about being blessed by God because without him, I wouldn’t be here.

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