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Published on November 5th, 2013 | by PEM


Master P and No Limit Predicted Todays Style Trends









Shadowy Sportswear

All-black-everything has and always will be a standard stylish look, but that doesn’t mean it’s effortlessly executed. Master P provided a free tutorial that anyone can follow, including Alexander Wang and other designers who are caking off the shadowy sportswear look of the moment. No way this look doesn’t inspire just about every guy who gets dressed today, even if it’s unconscious.


All-Over Print Button Downs

You really thought Tyler the Creator and Mac Miller made these shirts a hot? Ha! Look at Master P and Lil Romeo as they gaze at the camera with emotion-filled eyes. You know what they’re thinking? “We look so dope in these matching, crazy shirts. No Limit, baby!”

Three Piece Suits and Bowler Hats

It’s Snoop’s world and we’re all just living in it. After seeing this album cover, it’s obvious that Jay Z  and Justin Timberlake were late to the game rapping about suits and ties. Also, the bowler hat is the black tie version of a bucket hat.



It started with the three masked skeletons on TRU’s Tru 2 Da Game, and now Harry Syles and Cara Delevigne pose backstage with balaclavas, and Kanye West has an entire section of his closet devoted to couture masks and balaclavas.


Oversized Custom Basketball Jerseys

The “Make Em Say Ugh” video was incredible. Everyone balled out on a shiny basketball court, Shaq had a cameo, and most importantly everyone was wearing custom made No Limit jerseys. In some crowds these are more valuable than custom-made cars. Drop us a line if you know where to cop one.



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