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It’s A Jungle Out Here (Radio Version) – Master P ft. Howie T

Master P rounds up his native New Orleans Indians as he suits up in his big Chiefs Indian suit that is handmade, bead by bead, stitch by stitch, New Orleans style for the It’s a Jungle out Here vide. Master P takes this video back to his home town New Orleans, LA giving the world a glimpse of his heritage and southern style culture.
The black Indians dance and sing traditional songs particular to their “tribe”, and Mardi Graws Fat Tuesday Style. They use hodgepodge languages loosely based on different African dialects. The “Big Chief” decides where the “tribe” will parade; the parade route is different each time. When two tribes come across each other, they either pass by or meet for a symbolic fight. Each tribe lines up and the “Big Chiefs” taunt each other about their suits and their tribes. The drum beats of the two tribes intertwine, and the face off is complete. Both tribes continue on their way. This has been a tradition for over a century as The black neighborhoods in New Orleans gradually developed their own style of celebrating Mardi Gras.


Its A Jungle Out Here (Clean LYRICS)

Said it got lions tigers bears, walking through the  project
Don’t trust nobody, the neighbors stole my mama check
The mail man act like, he ain’t even know this
I’m on the porch, posted up with a bad chick
I load it up, like I’m loading up the ammo
talking raw, cause we living like we Rambo
Gas prices high, so foo’s be cyphon
Yeah I’m hype, but last year you didn’t like me
I’m Mike Jones on these tricks, Drone on these tricks
Buck jumping hard, going home on this tricks
From the projects to the high rise, and that ghost going bye bye
Got girls twerking for me, smoking just like she Ra-Ra
yeaaaa, I get better with time
if you owe me money, then you better give me mine
Triiiick, keep talking that ishh
75 million sold, but I ain’t done with this bit yeah

[Chorus: Howie T]
What don’t kill you, only make you stronger
With no love, and living for the moment
It’s your time, just show em that you want it
It’s your time, it’s your time
It’s on you incredible
Through the pain, we won’t let it show
So put your hands through the roof, this what champions do
And never ever let em stop you from being you
It’s a jungle out here

[Master P]
Call me Louie Armstrong, way I blow that trumpet
My baby mama tripping, she ain’t saying nothing
Yeeeeeah, I feel sorry for my ex
Call TMZ, she won’t get another check
I’m a hood, I came up in the trap
You ain’t dodge no bullets, you ain’t wrote no rap
I’m on the block, gone off that energy drank
Make em sau ugh, and that’s money in the bank
Started lil’ time big time, yeah we came up
When I made Forbes, super models ran up
Me and Boz still thugging, ain’t nothing change us
Big money over here, put that lil’ change up
My uncle on the corner, drinking a bottle of that fifth
I done made it out the hood, with my  gift
We don’t ** with haters, in God we trust
Uptown Calliope, in pistols we bust
God damn, yeah I’m back
God damn, time to get rid of these rats
God damn, tell the DJ bring it back
I got me, watch your back


[Howie T]
Oh it’s a jungle out here
Yeah, it’s a jungle out here
Oh, it’s a jungle out here
Yeah, it’s a jungle out here


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