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Published on February 28th, 2015 | by ASP


G-Unit Speaks On Upcoming Solo Projects

The group talks about their next EP release and plans for solo albums in 2015.

Days away from the release of their second EP since reuniting, G-Unit sat down with XXL and addressed group dynamics and plans to release solo material in the coming months.

“We got a lot of material that just need to be out,” Tony Yayo said. “It’s different being an independent than on being on a major. You get a little more freedom to do what you want. I was like, ‘We all gotta lot of music we need to drop it.'”

“When I hear Buck or Banks or Kidd Kidd, they could make records that I wish that I made,” he added. “[Buck] got a record called ‘Give Me The Full Clip’ that I’m like, ‘Damn, I need that.’ Kidd Kidd, you know this guy, he was rhyming with Lil Wayne, of course you know he been had talent. I just feel like 50 put him on a broader horizon.”

Addressing how they’ve been able to put any negativity behind them, Buck called the group’s breakup years ago a “big misunderstanding.”

“We ain’t never had a conversation with each other since being amongst each other about nothing negative,” Young Buck said. “We real enough to know that whatever we went through and whatever was said and done, we never had a beef with each other. It never was a beef. It was just a big misunderstanding.”

Early in the interview Lloyd Banks updated fans on his own solo plans, saying that he has more than one project currently in the works.

“I been working on that solo project for a little while now,” he said. “I actually pushed it back. I had did a Drama project before this called A.O.N. I had pushed it back, flipped the whole CD over, and working on what could potentially turn into my next solo album at the same time. I know they frustrated ’cause they think they waiting on one specific project but it’s on the way.”

G-Unit’s The Beast is G-Unit EP is set for release on Tuesday (March 3).

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