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Published on March 19th, 2015 | by PEM


DJ Mustard’s Favorite Rapper Is Drake, Not YG

DJ Mustard sat down with Steve Lobel in the studio for an episode of Live with Steve Lobel.

During the six-minute conversation, Lobel asks Mustard a variety of questions, most of them pertaining to who his favorites are.

When it comes to Mustard’s favorite producer, the L.A.-bred DJ says it’s Dr. Dre.

“I would say Dre to be politically correct,” Mustard says. “Dre, because it’s Dre and he just got that ear. But I would have to say Lil Jon…Just the run and the vibe, just the whole club scene. That’s just like my lane. That’s where I get a lot of my background from. Him and Pharrell and Timbaland, too.”

Surprisingly, Mustard’s favorite rapper isn’t his longtime collaborator YG. Instead, Mustard prefers Drake.

When Lobel asks Mustard which artist he would like to work with that is deceased, Mustard responds, “‘Pac, because he was just an outlaw. He wasn’t afraid to say what he had to say.”

Mustard’s favorite DJ happens to be Lobel’s mentor, Jam Master Jay.

“I had the Jam Master Jay DVDs,” he says.

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