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Published on October 7th, 2013 | by PEM


13 Children Killed At School Playground During Latest Suicide Bombing Attack???

In one of the deadliest outbreaks of violence in Iraq since 2008 these past few days have been nothing short of chaos for residents, worshippers and now children, as suicide attacks have spread through out the region, with the latest tragedy hitting one school playground, hit the jump for more detail!


Adriela Batista

13 Children have died today, after suicide bombers set off bombs packed into a truck and driven onto a playground. NYTimes reports

“The attacks added to a wave of violence across the country, the deadliest outbreak in Iraq since 2008. A suicide bomber attacked a group of Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad on Sunday, the police said, killing 14 and wounding 34 and raising the total death toll from terrorist attacks on Sunday to at least 31″

Abdul al-Obaidi, the mayor of Qabak, called the attack on the school “a crime against humanity” as he surveyed books splattered with blood amid the devastation on the playground. “The terrorists are trying to stop us from living and sending our children to school, but they will not, as we have our unity,” he said.

“I don’t remember what happened,” said a sobbing boy named Ali, who suffered wounds to his face and legs. “I just want to see my mother.”

“They killed more than 50 of us yesterday, and they thought that we would stop,” the pilgrim, Abdul Amir, said. “They thought wrong. We will never stop visiting our imams. Our security forces just look at us and do nothing,” stated one, angry, hospitalized pilgrim.

As the fatalities build up, I’m hoping awareness is being raised and a form of resolution is building up as well, the innocent deaths must stop.

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